Welcome to My World


Two years ago this spring, I packed up my many years’ worth of teaching supplies and donated, sold, and gave away most of them.  I was not going to teach anymore.  No siree, enough of that nonsense!  I’d bounced grades down from fifth to second in the space of three years.  I was tired and I was moving back to my hometown for a fresh start.

That lasted… two months.  A week before school started, I headed back to my school district in Florida to a new school and back to my beloved fifth grade.

Of course, I had given most of my posters, books, manipulatives, containers, and whatnot away, so last year was almost like starting over.  This year, I have a room and a blessedly large storage closet with piles and boxes of jumbled up teacher stuff that I can’t put my hands on, but I know it’s there somewhere.

My desk is no better – yuck.

I hate my desk!

As I rebuild my classroom, I will share with you those things I found to work great, and those things that crash and burn.


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