The Chaos That is Me


One of the reasons I decided to start this blog is that I am a mess.

Two parts of my psyche battle it out, both in my personal and professional lives.

Oh, no, not like Sybil or anything.

One part of me craves order, structure, and routine.

I could use six arms.

The other part is in love with spontaneity, freedom, and doing what feels right in the moment.

Yep. This is totally me.

Both sets of traits serve me well as a teacher, but both also make my life much more difficult than I’d like it to be.  Fortunately, I recently stumbled across The Clutter-Free Classroom.

What an amazing blog by an amazing teacher named Jodi.  This woman has more energy in her little finger than I have in my entire body.  I spent hours poring over her blog posts until I had read just about every one to date.

And now I’m inspired.  As usual, I’m coming late to the game, but I am accepting Jodi’s Clutter-Free Classroom Challenge.  I’ll update my progress in future posts, but to find out the details of the Clutter Free Challenge, click here.


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