Week 1 – The “Before” of My Classroom


      As is par for the course for me, I am about a month and a half behind on the Clutter-Free Classroom Challenge. In all fairness, I just started a week ago, so relatively speaking, I’m right on track.  Really.

     Last Monday I spent my planning period with a throbbing headache and my smart phone.  Sorry about how dark the shots are – my head couldn’t handle flourescent lighting that day.  And because I started the day with a headache, I did not think to bring my camera to school.  Typical.  

This is the only area of my room I really feel good about. Once I step in the door, things start to go downhill.








My desk, while only looking semi-terrible in this photo, generally has very little actual desk showing with all the stuff I pile.  Then I pile things on top of piles.. I JUST found the stack of blank Reading Log forms I copied off in November.  My kids are thrilled to actually have the correct form to use again!

It seemed like a big enough desk when I got it...

The rest of my room is a weird combination of bare, ugly space and junky piles.  It makes my brain tired, to be honest.  I wonder what goes through the kids’ heads while they sit and take it all in.

This is supposed to be my reading corner; my kidney table is just out of the shot.


My little corner, complete with wadded up sweater.


Not screaming warm and inviting, is it?


That black box has all the mojo to run my speakers, TV, and Elmo projection. And it can't be moved.


My very pathetic classroom library. I have tons more books, but no shelves to put them on.


Amazing rolling storage cart - ridiculous use of amazing cart.


Sorry about the quality. This is my very out-of-focus Focus Wall. Which I am obviously not focusing on.


I was actually surprised that I have as many empty spaces as I have.  Four moves in five years has helped me purge a great deal of materials and supplies that I no longer needed or used.  I just need to better organize what I do have.  Oh, by the way, after I finished, I realized I hadn’t taken a single photo of my storage closet. I am very blessed with lots and lots of storage.  As I tackle the closet and my cupboards, I’ll take before shots to share.

The first area on my “hit list” is my desk.  I’m one of those people who has a cluttered mind if I’m sitting at a cluttered desk.  I’ve already been purging and organizing in stolen moments during the day!


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  1. Just throwing this out there…I think one of the reasons your classroom isn’t screaming warm and inviting (your words, not mine) is the lighting. I totally get keeping the fluorescent lights off. But you should see about getting some cheapo lamps (or bring a few of the like seven you have sitting at home-that’s right. I’m calling you out). I think the lighting of a room has a ton to do with the mood of it, and therefore the mood of the person. Just a thought. 🙂 Love you!

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