Week 3 – I’ve Been Purging and My Classroom Feels Lighter Already


One of the benefits of being in a different classroom four years in a row is that you get rid of a lot of stuff.  And a huge benefit of thinking you’re going to quit teaching and move 1200 miles away is that you really, really get rid of a lot of stuff.  So I’ve got a head start on Week 3 of the Clutter-Free Classroom Challenge!

So when that plan crashes and burns, you start over much lighter.  In fact, when I moved into my classroom last spring, I found I couldn’t even fill up all the cupboards and closet shelves.  Cool beans!

One area that has been out of control for months now is my desk.  I love pens.  And pencils.  And office supplies.  Thank you cards.  Sticky notes – oh man.  My desk was definitely the first on my clutter “hit list”.  Unfortunately, I was so excited to dive in, I never took any before pics of my desk drawers.  S0 you’ll have to take my word for it that finding things was challenging.

Purging was actually quite fun.  I set my bins up, dragged my trash can over, set my class recycling bin nearby, and went at it.  Most papers went in the recycling bin.  Seems when I can’t find something in a pile, I just make or get a new copy.  Not exactly a very environmentally friendly habit, I know.  I waited until the kids were gone for the day to discard the Valentine’s Day suckers, cards, and sundry candy.  Except the box of chocolates.  I ate those.  I mean, c’mon.  I did pretty much fill the Keep bin, but half of that was put away in other parts of the room.

A handful of items went in the small Donate bin.  As I said, I did some major purging several times in the past four years.  Empty Coke bottles, water bottles, broken rubber bands and the like went into the trash can. I kept going until the desk was completely empty.  And of course, I took absolutely NO PICTURES!!  I’ll get better at this before and after thing, I promise.

The next morning, when my class came in, one of my girls asked me, “Mrs. Clark, are you moving away?”  She was relieved to learn I was only cleaning.  Obviously something they’re not used to seeing!


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