Week 4 – Wow, That Desk is Big!


Until I decluttered my desk, I had forgotten just how big that sucker is.

In fact, it’s way too big for my classroom, but we have zero storage for furniture at our school, so getting rid of it is not an option.  I’m still trying to think of a way I could turn it/move it/ utilize it so it won’t be such an intrusion into my classroom space.

Having said that, I am thrilled with the way my desk is organized now!  First of all, I moved my printer onto my desk so I can actually reach my copies.  Seems like a no brainer, but before there was no room on my desk.  And as Jodie at Clutter-Free Classroom suggested, I went vertical with my storage drawers and files.  I got rid of the little organizer for pens, etc. that sat on my windowsill and instead found places for all of those items in my desk drawers.  I did spend a little money on small plastic baskets and bins, but it was so worth it.  The green baskets came in sets of three from the Dollar General, by the way.  The black desk drawer organizers came from Staples.

Here is my new and improved desk:



My suggestions for keeping a clean desk surface:

  • Take time once a day to clean off your desk, preferably at the end of the day before you go home.
  • Make notes on your To Do list of any items that will need your attention in the morning, such as time sensitive forms.
  • I have three drawer files marked Do Something, Someday/Maybe, and File.
  • Everything in the Do Something file should be on your To Do list!
  • Check the Someday/Maybe file once or twice a week and make decisions on what to do with these items.
  • File everything in your File drawer once a week.
  • Your planner/to do list and your lesson plan book should be the only things that stay out on your desk all the time.
  • Only keep in your desk those things you use daily or almost daily.











Eventually, I plan to move the desk to make it less obtrusive.  I’d also like to decorate the front to coordinate with my Frogtastic (Trend) theme, and put a potted plant on my desk for some color.  And hope I don’t kill it.


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