My Files Are Virtually Organized… Sorta


I’m exhausted.  Worn out.  Dragging.  And I didn’t have to lift a single file or trashcan.

Who knew cleaning up my computer files would be such an involved process?  Everything I have on my school laptop has been there a year and a half or less.  How much could I have?  Apparently about three hours worth of filing and still counting.

And this is why sorting through and organizing is so important.  Just like a real file cabinet, documents get shoved in drawers, misplaced, and thrown into a “miscellaneous” pile.  In order to utilize what you’ve got, you have to know how to put your fingers on it quickly.  After three hours of sorting, purging, and organizing, I am proud to say my documents look like this:


I looked at all the documents and folders I already had.  Redundancies were eliminated and new folders created for the individual files I had scattered around. For example, I am in charge of our school’s Boxtops for Education collection and I also compile the school newsletter.  Those items got folders of their own. Two folders named 21st Century Tutoring were a waste of space, so last year’s folder hit the trash bin. As the year progresses and I start looking ahead, I will probably start a New School Year folder and incorporate my Time Capsule folder and some of my Clutter-Free Classroom resources into it.  Files are so much easier to modify, eliminate and create on the computer.  And no trees are killed in the process.  So all in all, I was feeling pretty darn good about my accomplishments this evening.

Until I glanced over and saw the word “Downloads”.  ARRRRRGGGHHH!!

Notice at the bottom of the screen shot it says “1 of 136”?  So I’m not nearly done, but it’s now after 9 pm and tomorrow is another (vacation) day.  So my biggest advice when it comes to organizing your computer files is to recognize that if your files are a mess like mine were, make sure you set aside several hours.  A half hour a day for several days may be the best way to manage this task in what is already a hectic teacher’s day.



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