Time is Flying!


Somehow this week of Spring Break has ended and I am still not prepared for Monday morning.  I guess that means I truly vacationed.  Which is lovely now.  Tomorrow morning is another story.

I am continuing to organize my computer files, and today that means my bookmarks.  I actually worked on this several weeks ago, but recently while on my personal laptop, I realized I had bookmarked scads of links for school.  No wonder I could never find them at work!  So today my mission is to open both computers side by side, sort through bookmarks on my personal laptop and save the useful ones to my work laptop.

Then I’ll explore my photos and files on my own laptop and transfer school related files and folders to my work laptop.  Having ALL my work related files on my work laptop will hopefully make my life a little easier, or at least a little more logical.

Which may or may not free me up to get my schoolwork done before 8:30 tomorrow morning!


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