My Teacher Bag


I have never, ever had a bag for carting work back and forth from home.  That I actually liked.  I’ve used a canvas beach bag, which I loved until I washed it and it went limp.  I have had various bags that were gifts from well-meaning parents who had absolutely no idea how much paperwork I carried back and forth.  And I’ve had bags I bought and thought would be great, but were okay at best.

This year I rarely carried a bag home because I tutor until late afternoon four days a week.  By six p.m. the thought of taking work home – well, the thought doesn’t even cross my mind.  However, inspired by The Clutter-Free Classroom Week 7 Challenge, I bought myself a new bag.

Here it is, along with the nifty accordion folders I bought.

It says professional, it says take me seriously, however, it doesn’t say fun.  Anywhere.

And it cost about the same as the awesome looking Thirty-One bags so many teacher bloggers rave about.  It doesn’t have a ton of room inside either.  However, for the remainder of this school year, it will do.  But I do see a Thirty-One bag in my future.  Yes, I do.

The thing I’m enjoying most about my new bag is that I have my papers corralled into three folders, which were cute and I loved the colors.

To Grade - you'll notice this one is stuffed to the gills even though I just had a week off. Ugh.

To Record - You'll notice this one is also stuffed full. I was on vacation, all right?

Logically, since I haven't done any grading or recording, the "To Return" file is flat as a pancake.

This bag does offer some pockets for pens and the like, but I think I’d rather have a pencil pouch or box for my colored grading markers, stickers, and stamps.  What I’d really like is enough space to carry my wallet and keys along with my cell phone and cut out carrying the purse to work altogether.  Oh, and my migraine medicine.  Must have that.


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  1. OK so another bag. I’m sure I have several under my desk. But like you I stay late to tutor, then organize my desk. If you saw it you’d say “organized what” as the piles are so how they have become part of my measurement lessons. By the time I grade a set or two of papers, I’m done. As in too tired to do another thing. So no bag required. On the week-ends it takes a crate to carry home the notebooks, teacher editions, stacks of projects and papers to grade.
    However, I do like the folders in the pretty designs and colors and labeled.
    I’m organizationally challenged!!!
    PIC WED. Buddy

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