Stamina and Sanity and Paperback Books


I had such high hopes for today’s blog post.  Monday, a new week, a new organization project.

But my migraine had other ideas.  The two doses of migraine medication I tried didn’t make me any more productive, mentally or physically.

And breaking up a fist fight between two of my students made me a tad irritable.  Why did that child have to go and talk about his momma anyway?  Geesh.

So I’ll leave you with the mental picture (because I obviously wasn’t strolling around my room snapping photos today) of my book reorganization extravaganza!  I inherited my classroom last year from a fantastic teacher who was on a leave of absence and has since retired.  Many trade books, individuals and sets, were left behind.  I piled books upon books in my storage room, jumbling levels and genres, and … oh my.

Since my students are starting literature circles this week, I started pulling all those books out of the storage room and piling them on counters, tables, and shelves so I could see what I’ve got.  Quite a bit, actually.  I’m now working to put class sets and half sets neatly and logically back on my storage room shelves.  Book sets of 4 – 8 will be sent down to our reading coach so others can use them for lit. circles.  I also found several pairs of books, which will be handy for buddy reading – something I haven’t done because I didn’t realize I actually had the books to make it possible!

And last but not least, I am finally sorting the remainder of my books by genre.  That will be a nice addition to my leveled books.  This overhaul has also demonstrated glaringly that I have very little nonfiction in my classroom.  With the Common Core Standards calling for 50% nonfiction in fifth grade, I’d better see if I can scrounge up some funds to purchase more books.  I suppose I can pull out some of my Scholastic points I’ve been hoarding, and utilize those as well.

Sounds like I have a lot to do tomorrow.  If anyone takes a swing at anyone else, my head may explode.  At least that would distract them, right?


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