Effectively Not Highly Effective


I have done a horrendous job of staying current with this blog.  It was the second part-time job that pretty much did me in.  Both part-time jobs are over for the year (thank you, Lord!) and blogging has moved back up several notches on the priority list.  And I’m going to hit it hard.


Right after I turn in my Professional Development Plan paperwork.  We’ve had PDPs for years, however, they were not scrutinized, rubricized, and tied to our pay.  Ah, what I’d give for the good old days.  Since our plans traditionally had to be tied to improving test scores, I never actually set any goals that really lit me on fire.  Usually there was some new program we had to do, so we all just made our plans to implement whatever new, shiny plan or program we were handed.

Last fall was really no different.  We’re all about differentiating this year, and as a Title I school in my district, we are required to utilize a software program called Successmaker.

The catch this year is that our PDPs are being much, much more closely scrutinized, as they count towards our new Value-Added Model of teacher evaluation.  The first major change was that we had to have a minimum of two goals to even be considered for the “highly effective” ranking.  No biggie – probably a good idea.

Of course, things have not gone all that smoothly.  The book study cadre on differentiated instruction that should have been completed some time ago so we could implement what we learned.  Well with furlough days, we didn’t get to meet for the final time until last week.  PDPs are due this week.  See a problem?  A colleague was supposed to go to district SMARTboard training as part of her PDP.  There was none offered in the district this year.  Huh.

Now, it seems, we ALL missed the print included on p. 22 of the 70 plus page Evaluation System document given to us the week before school started, or was it the week after?  I don’t remember.  It says that we have to document our results and share those results with a “wider school community”.  How do you interpret that?  Seems the principals aren’t getting much guidance on this, so some teachers are being told they can share at a faculty meeting, some are being told they can share with another team, and some are being told they must share their results at a parent meeting.  We started hearing about this a week or two ago, we have less than five full weeks of school left, and our finished PDPs are due on Wednesday, I believe.  This Wednesday.


I’m not feeling highly effective right now, if you know what I mean.  But as soon as I finish my paperwork outlining the fact that I am apparently, NOT highly effective this year, I’ll be right back to whip this blog into shape.  Then we’ll see who’s highly effective.  Yeah.




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