Teaching a Multi-age Class… Help!


It looks like next fall (which is August in Florida), I will be teaching a 4/5 split class.  I’ve done it before and found it a lot of fun, actually, but because of how our numbers fall, it will probably be mostly fifth graders with four or five fourth graders thrown in for good measure.

I’m looking for suggestions on how to make this setup the most beneficial for my students without actually losing my mind.  I’m looking into the Daily Five for managing Reading Workshop and perhaps a form of it for Math.  We are using Go Math, which I have not worked with because I’ve been team teaching and doing all of the Reading for the past two years.  My colleagues tell me they have a truly difficult time getting through all the content in an hour, so I’m a little concerned about having to do two distinct math lessons each day.  Naturally the fourth grade and fifth grade math curriculum road maps are completely different, which adds to the fun.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has taught an intermediate level split or from anyone who has any creative suggestions!  If nothing else, this situation should provide me with plenty of opportunities for a Professional Development Plan next year!


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  1. Have you heard of Flipping your Classroom? You could do short (5-10 presentations) of content at both levels, students watch their respective lessons and you are there to support them as they work through problems. It is a lot of prep to get started but you can move toward getting kids to do the videos as a reward and they will love having their videos shown. Great app on iPad called Showme to show solving the math problem. I have a lot of resources if you want me to send some to you.

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