We Can Do This!


I found this in my unfinished drafts from almost a year ago.  So I revised the title and deleted the text.  The original title was “End of the Year – We Can Do This!”

And we did.  We finished the last six weeks of school and all students and staff came out alive.  Then the new school year started.  To say it’s been difficult would be putting it mildly.  For a host of reasons, the entire school, parents, staff, and students have been struggling.  It has taken all my energy to get through each day so I could go home, eat something, and go to bed.

I almost quit last fall.  I wasn’t the only one.

But now it’s Spring, the time of year when everything seems fresh and new.  And many things are fresh and new at school.  We have a new superintendent, a new principal, students have come and gone, and I am left with twenty-one students who still wear me out, but I can honestly say I love all of them.

And in one more week, I can start counting down the weeks on my fingers.  So I know I can do this.



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