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Decluttered Closet



When I moved to my new school two years ago, I was in awe of all the storage space I had in my classroom.  Most of one entire wall is filled with upper and lower cabinets – more storage than I’ve had in years.

This is only a portion of the cabinets on this wall!


But wait – there’s more!  I also have a walk-in closet with metal shelving that I don’t even have to share with anyone else.  I was amazed!


However, coming in at the last minute, and not knowing what belonged to the school or the teacher who was out on leave, I basically left the closet untouched for a year.

Fast forward a year.  All that is left in the closet belongs to the school or to me.

“Just shove it in the corner for now.”

“Just throw it anywhere, kids.”


My June project was to declutter and organize my closet.  What with summer school and a bad back, I haven’t actually finished this project, but I managed to get the declutter part completed, sort of.  Everything from the closet went into one of four piles:  keep in closet, store elsewhere, dispose of, and offer to colleagues as freebies.  Old, out of date textbooks have been boxed up for the custodians to remove, the pile of give aways is boxed up and ready to go to the teachers’ mailroom, and I’m in the process of finding homes for everything else.  So far, the closet looks like this:

a work in progress


When I get back from vacation, my goal is to get everything else in its place, see what containers I need and containerize.  Then I’ll need to find homes for the items that will not be returning to the closet, but which I still need to keep.  I’ll have one day to get it done.  Wish me luck!